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Becoming a World Friends volunteer means joining a community of people bound by solidarity. Our volunteers are located in different Italian cities, they share our values and dedicate part of their time to our mission.

The tasks of the volunteers are different and important: spreading World Friends initiatives locally, organizing fundraising events in support of cooperation projects, dedicating part of their time to project activities, officially representing the Association in meetings with local institutions or attending local events organized by third parties on behalf of World Friends.

Our volunteer groups (Italy only)


Il missionary group of Birone, a fraction of the municipality of Giussano in the province of Monza, has supported the activities of World Friends for many years. The group's initiatives, carried out mainly during the Christmas period, offer precious help, collecting donated funds every year for our projects in Kenya and Italy.

The Runsmile Amateur Sports Association Runsmile has been actively supporting the work of World Friends for years, in particular by promoting a training program for the annual participation in the relay Milan Marathon and by recruiting charity runners. Both through the training and the relay, Runsmile raises funds for World Friends projects and is an invaluable partner in organizing awareness-raising activities in the area during the marathon period.


In Acqui Terme there is the historic group of volunteers and supporters of World Friends, which for 20 years has been tirelessly dedicated to organizing and promoting awareness and fundraising events The support of the CAI of Acqui Terme, which has always been an important point of reference for World Friends thanks to constant proximity to fundraising initiatives and events. The ascent of Mount Kenya, Aconcagua and Kilimanjaro have been important stages in our history.

In Turin the group of young volunteers of World Friends is mainly composed of resident doctors and health professionals. Volunteers dedicate a few hours of their time weekly to support the activities of the outpatient clinics via Nice e via Saccarelli for the homeless. In addition to health-related activities, the group supports World Friends by organizing awareness, information and fundraising events.

Peaks Doc - World Friends

World Friends history has been linked to the mountain since its origins: the historic support of the CAI of Acqui Terme has created a strong bond of our association with the mountain, pushing us to create a dedicated group. The section was born with this spirit "Peaks Doc - World Friends" which aims to promote outdoor and mountaineering activities, initiatives and sporting events, aimed at supporting cooperation projects and raising awareness of the synergy between these two worlds.

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