Your bequest to World Friends is a way to ensure a healthy and dignified life to the most vulnerable people, alongside whom we work everyday. It is an unforgettable gift, capable of giving hope and allowing us to carry out our mission. If you share our values and believe in our work, your legacy will be the first page of a wonderful new story of rights, health and commitment to a better future. You can choose to support projects you believe in and that, like us, you consider important. We will always respect your wishes.

How to make a will:

If you do not have legitimate heirs or if you want to add to the recipients of your inheritance women, children and all the people who need our intervention to guarantee their health and development, you can choose to have a bequest in favor of World Friends: a simple and not binding gesture that can always be rethought whenever you want.

Making a will allows you to decide how to manage your possessions for the future in compliance with your ideals and also the law: a part of the estate always belongs to the legitimate heirs, that is, spouse and children or, in the absence of these, parents.

The most common types of will are two: the holograph will, which must be written in own hand by the testator, and the public will, which must be drawn up with the support of a notary.

Holographic will

It must be written entirely by hand in a very clear manner and must be dated and signed at the end of the provisions.

Public will

It is drawn up by the notary who collects the will of the testator in the presence of two witnesses. It can only be kept by a notary who will deposit a copy.

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A correct choice is an informed choice

Like you, we care about our neighbor: our every action is carried out with an eye to tomorrow. Together we can defend the fundamental rights of the most vulnerable people, first of all the right to health.