Activities on the territory

Our activities on the territory in Kenya are mainly developed in the slim northeastern Nairobi and remote areas of Kajiado County.

- slim, the large slums on the outskirts of Nairobi, are an unhealthy environment, characterized by the absence of drinking water and electricity. Most of the slum dwellers live below the poverty line, with the equivalent of a dollar a day. The context of slim it is characterized by a high prevalence of endemic diseases, but people cannot easily access treatment due to the conditions of absolute poverty: in Kenya almost all health facilities are paid and this creates insurmountable barriers to access to medical treatment.

La Kajiado county is a rural area of ​​Kenya which is located about 80 km south of Nairobi. The area is mainly inhabited by the Masaai communities, nomadic shepherds who live in southern Kenya and who today make up about 2% of the population.

Our effort to guarantee the rights of these populations, first of all that to health, is realized with health education and prevention activities carried out throughout the territory. We bring basic and specialist medical assistance to areas that are difficult to reach with mobile clinics, aiming to support people unable to reach the hospital. We also carry out social and educational interventions, often linked to art and sport, in order to offer alternatives to young people who live in conditions of hardship.

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Shorten the distance between us and those in need. It helps our operators to reach out to those who cannot access treatment in the area.