The user is informed that Amici del Mondo - World Friends - Onlus, as a non-profit organization of social utility referred to in art. 10, paragraphs 1, 8 and 9, of Legislative Decree 460/1997, is subject, pursuant to the Ministerial Decree of 03/02/2021 of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, to the obligation of electronic transmission to the Receipts of a communication containing the data relating to the deductible and deductible donations in cash, made in the previous year by continuous donors who have provided their personal data and by other donors if the payment shows the tax code of the donor, with the indication of the identification data of the lenders. This obligation does not include the data of the disbursements made by those who limited themselves to collecting the donations actually made by other subjects. If the user wishes to be included in the aforementioned communication, in order to show the donations made to Amici del Mondo - World Friends - Onlus in the pre-filled tax return, is invited to provide his / her tax code by filling in the dedicated field (i.e. indicating it at the time of donation, for example within the description).

It should be emphasized that, in the event that the CF is not provided, Amici del Mondo - World Friends - Onlus will not be able to provide the aforementioned communication. Finally, please note the possibility of opposing the processing - carried out by the Revenue Agency for the purpose of processing the pre-filled tax return - of the accounting information relating to donations made by the user, requesting their cancellation through the models available in specific section of the website of the Revenue Agency ( It is understood that the individual tax documents may in any case be used for the facilities provided for by law at the time of the tax return. In the event that a user who has provided his own CF does not oppose this treatment, however, the aforementioned accounting information will flow into the tax return pre-filled by the Revenue Agency.