Adopt a mom

To safeguard the health of mothers and children, it is necessary to offer safe health paths

In Kenya every 100.000 births more than 36 women lose their lives. Too expensive care, lack of services and adequate health personnel, the inability to access antenatal checks and conduct assisted births are just some of the causes of high maternal mortality in Africa. But even mothers who manage to carry on with pregnancy risk serious complications that can lead to disability or serious infections, up to the death of the baby. This is what happened to Esther who lost her first child because she was unable to undergo the visits she needed to notice her condition in time. In fact, all this is mainly due to the inability to access medical assistance before and during childbirth.

Now imagine that a mom has managed to deliver her baby and both are healthy. But for how long? Being a mother in the context of slums unfortunately it means facing poverty, malnutrition, disease and lack of access to care every day, so much so that it cannot guarantee the health of one's children on its own. You can change their future, you can be by their side before and after giving birth with the Adopt a mother campaign. Your help can save the life of a mother and her baby.

Donate now and guarantee

  • Prenatal visits
  • Nutritional evaluations
  • Natural assisted birth
  • Assisted cesarean delivery

NB: The donations will be used to support the activities indicated in support of pregnant women and mothers who we reach in the area or who turn to RU Neema Hospital.

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Adopt a mom

Your help can save the life of a mother and her baby.