Today World Friends organized a day of celebration and celebrations on the occasion of the 2008th anniversary of the birth of the Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital in Nairobi, a center of excellence created by the NGO, inaugurated in Kenya in November 2009 and operational since March XNUMX.

10 years RU Neema

To rejoice with all the local medical staff, with the assistants and with anyone who has used the medical and hospital services offered, various activities have been planned during the day. In addition to the interventions of some of the founders and surgeons, some of the patients who benefited from the treatment at RU Neema Hospital, the health coordinator for the Archdiocese of Nairobi and the Italian ambassador to Kenya, a music show is scheduled from I live with Banjuka music school, a hospital tour and a final refreshment to greet the event attendees.

From the day of its inauguration on a small hill near the slums of Nairobi, Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital has come to count more than 100.000 patients a year and to provide an increasing number of health services and an ever higher quality of care. The hospital was born from the commitment of the Italian NGO World Friends it was built with the specific intent of offering care and health assistance to the most disadvantaged segments of the slum population in the north-east of Nairobi, who had no access to the expensive local health system.

Aware of the great work they faced and united by the common principle that health, education and medical care must be a right accessible to all, everywhere in the world, World Friends partners and collaborators worked to ensure that the hospital grew following the needs and requests of local communities. In addition to involving them by training and enhancing human resources in the area, the focus was on a real "inverted cooperation", which led to the design of projects directly in the places of realization, listening to the requests of the population, with the aim of use over 90% of the funds directly in field projects.

“We dreamed of a hospital where the sick were not considered clients but patients, where even the poorest could be treated - declared Gianfranco Morino, founding member of World Friends and surgeon of RU Neema Hospital - The project was to have not only a diagnosis and treatment facility, but also a permanent medical training and education center. "

Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital today it is a multifunctional structure, consisting of several departments: a general clinic, specialist clinics, an emergency room, maternity and pediatric departments, laboratories, a pharmacy, physiotherapy and radiology services, general, pediatric, orthopedic-corrective and obstetric-gynecological surgery and health and nutrition education. From next year the hospital will have a new building that will house specialist ophthalmology, otolaryngology, breast, dermatology and an electroencephalography service. In addition to all the medical services made available within the hospital, many of the medical services are provided directly on the territory, through Medical Camps in which a medical team guarantees free visits and treatments and possible referral to the hospital for the poorest patients in the slums.