Il RU Neema Hospital, in collaboration with the digital platform M-TIBA and the healthcare organization PharmAccess has launched the “Tunza Mama” project to respond to a specific need: to give all women, regardless of economic availability, the possibility of aAccess prenatal and postpartum care. Tunza Mama follows the women from a first check-up up to the birth and the vaccination phase, in the second year of the child's age. 

Dr. George Kiere, gynecologist and obstetrician at Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital said that “identifying any potential risk to mothers and babies early and with regular checkups is essential. We see that mothers often do not make routine visits due to financial matters. The Tunza Mama plan allows for both quality and quantity assistance. It lowers the total cost of visits and, more importantly, reduces the risks of pregnancy-related complications for mothers and children.”

With this service, PharmAccess and M-TIBA want to increase the number of pregnant women who come to RU Neema Hospital for treatment.

Watch the videos to learn more:

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