maria vittoria de vitaDr. Maria Vittoria De Vita, who has been working alongside World Friends for years, won the annual competition of the Italian Society of Pediatrics (SIP) dedicated to young pediatricians who are dedicated to nutrition, with his specialist thesis "Malnutrition, infection and risk of infection in the slums of the North-East area of ​​Nairobi"Also his scientific publication dedicated to Rickets in the slums "Rickets in the informal settlements of Nairobi, Kenya: a neglected and preventable non-communicable disease" received recognition and it will be one of the abstracts adopted by SIP as an E-poster during the entire duration of the conference.

Two works born from the experience lived alongside World Friends and inside the RU Neema hospital where the work carried out in close contact with his patients, inhabitants of the slums, inspired such a successful work and reapplicable in a context that certainly needs study, reflection and new concrete actions.

In fact, Dr. Maria Vittoria began his slum experience in 2015 and it is right between the corridors of Ru Neema who last year chose to write his specialist thesis and to carry out his work in the scientific field. In this path it was accompanied by several friends and colleagues from World Friends and it certainly turned out to be a choice in line with his experience and sensitivity:

“I came to Kenya for the first time in March 2015 and in those months I had the privilege of working closely with people's lives. World Friends, predominantly through Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital, is an organization that is serious about helping those who live in the suburbs, both concretely and because they are forgotten by the society to which they belong. Offer a service to thethe people of the slums are of great importance, particularly in a context where primary health care is not guaranteed. There are no reference figures, such as the family pediatrician and the female social network: often during the medical camp some young mothers arrive full of questions about parenting, child health care, nutrition and antenatal care. Guarantee the health of the most sensitive categories, such as mothers and children, it is a concrete action with an important value in terms of sustainability. The commitment of World Friends in defending health as a right, with the aim of expanding the possibilities of access in areas of urban poverty, meets my sensitivity. "

To take care of those who have the right and the need to be cared for, the mission of the World Friends Team starts from this goal and for its realization you need dedicated and passionate people. 

Who is part of World Friends arrives in Kenya and works in contact with people. It mixes with people's lives and lets it part of their experience, starting from the great injustices and sufferings, turns into the motivation that drives you to working together. Dr. Maria Vittoria shares what World Friends carries in our hearts and today helped us celebrate a small victory on the field, but also in the world scientific: research must have an increasingly global perspective.


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