Vaccines, wars and superstitions

May 2021
"Famine, plague and war - writes Voltaire in the Filosoco Dictionary - are the three most famous ingredients of this world."
After 300 years it could be the thought that crosses the minds of women and men of Tigray, the region in the North
of Ethiopia, which for months have suffered the violence of the war unleashed by the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abyi (Nobel Peace Prize
2019!) And his colleague Afewerki, dictator of Eritrea. Amnesty International, many humanitarian organizations and also the leader
of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church report terrible news: massacres of civilians, violence and mass rape, ethnic cleansing, destruction of
crops, freezing of products and food aid and hunger used as a weapon of mass destruction. True to their own crimes against
humanity. All this in the middle of the SARS-Covid pandemic, without control and without vaccines.

Disease, famine and wars remain the apocalyptic knights of the world. A world where, however, information decides which peoples
are important and which are not, which geo-political facts and areas are relevant to the headlines and which are not. Except for a few
newspapers, in the Italian press or in the news there is no mention of the war in Ethiopia, as of many other forgotten wars.
Forgotten by the press, but certainly not by the Italian military industry, which remains the tenth arms exporter in the world. From
a humanity evolved ethically and not only technologically, one would have expected that the pandemic we are experiencing from a
a year and a half would become the absolute priority and the moratorium on all armed conicts an unavoidable consequence.

Especially in a general framework where the WHO has once again shown that it is not up to par, both centrally and in the
various regional uci, governments would have had to suspend extendable expenses, such as construction of roads, megastructures, fruit
of money laundering and building bills, and the purchase of armaments. Instead, invest in social safety nets, social housing and healthcare for
all, acquiring vaccines for the population on their own. In East Africa only 2% of the inhabitants have been vaccinated with the few vaccines
arrived in March and already united for some time. To date we do not know if we will be able to make the calls within the established times. In Kenya, if on the one hand
many people have been excluded from vaccines due to the low quantity of doses received (1 million out of 50 million inhabitants), on the other hand
part of the population did not want to get vaccinated. Unfortunately, the anti-scientific role and control of consciences that
the fundamentalist components of religions play, traditional beliefs and superstitions, they condition the choices of gods
citizens. A further problem for some countries is that the political-health organization is so lacking and indolent that i
vaccines were allowed to expire. We are still a long way from the social conquest for which civil duties and a sense of the common good
become a fundamental teaching subject in schools.

In this difficult historical moment full of contradictions, sometimes desperate, we would like to have honest information
intellectually, that goes beyond prejudice and tells the truth of the facts without always being forced to be
politically correct

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