Florence is one of the patients that the World Friends team met as part of the ATITB project, financed byItalian Agency for Italian Cooperation, carried out in Kajiado County. This is the story of him.

florence atittb

“My name is Florence. I am married with 3 children. When I started having chest pains, high fever, weight loss and dry cough, I went to Zam Zam hospital to get tested and see if it was tuberculosis. It was October last year and I tested positive. From then on I started taking medicine and the positive side is that I met World Friends. The team helped me a lot, I am grateful to them: I received the medicines every day, when before I received them every two weeks. The people from WF stood by me, they were very friendly coming to see me to check how I was doing, they brought me food home. Continuing to treat myself I started to feel better, my health improved and my body strengthened, the symptoms disappeared. After six months I went back to the hospital to get tested again, and this time I was negative! They told me I was fine, I was back to health. I would like to give some courage to those who are sick, to tell them that if they have these symptoms such as chronic headaches, chest pains, loss of weight and loss of appetite, they should go to the hospital. They can turn to World Friends for assistance and the medicines are free. I had tuberculosis but now I'm happy to be well and healthy, I'm not as sick as I was then. I'm thankful for that."

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