Training, sharing, friendship, fun: this is Runsmile.

Chiara, one of the founders, tells us why they have chosen to help World Friends for years: IMG-2326

“Our amateur sports association (ASD), was born and grows with the spirit that Andrea and I have always sought. Little by little our group has grown, first with Lelio, who takes care of the entire web part, and then with Carmen, our fantastic creative, joined by trainers Raffaella, Salvatore, Caterina, Claudio, Marcello, Federica and Michele. The group is compact and cohesive, there is great understanding and collaboration between all of us. The work we do is truly impressive and we would not be able to organize all our activities without the help of volunteers / friends. A few years ago we started a dedicate a part of our activities to a charity project and we found in World Friends the stimulus and desire that allowed us to make our idea concrete. A Solid non-profit organization, with many interesting projects that have stimulated the enthusiasm of our athletes. With World Friends we are managed to join the race, the thing we do best, and our desire for solidarity, participating in the relay of the Milan Marathon. We started in 2014 with just 5 teams up to 2017 with 58 teams and 232 runners who ran with Runsmile and World Friends, embracing our idea of ​​solidarity.
This is all of us, this is the team of Runsmile Asd

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