Also this year World Friends is waiting for you together with many friends at the Milan Marathon!


Sunday April 8 2018 join the group of supportive runner: run and support the many too projects in which we commit ourselves with passion and seriousness every day.

Participate by choosing the best option for you:

If you love sharing and feeling part of a united group, the relay race is the right solution: run a fraction. Sign up by filling out the form on: Do you already have a team to race with? The participation fee is 148 euros. Do you sign up individually? the cost is 37 euros, please let us know when registering and we will find you a team!

If you love competition and great challenges, marathon is the solution for you: run 42 km straight. Request membership by sending an email to, you will be contacted to complete the registration. The participation fee is 81 euros.

We at World friend would like to thank all those who will choose to help and support us this year too: thank you to all of you runner, tireless runners and tireless supporters; ai friends di Runsmile, who have been supporting us for years with a lot of commitment and passion; to Green ideas for the valuable collaboration and support.

Without you all this would not be possible!

Thank you so much.

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