It's August 28, 2018, and it's seven in the evening. Residents of Laini Saba, a village in a Kibera slum, hurry to return home. The children are on the crowded street, playing and dancing to the music that comes from the little park. At 19.15 pm the short presentation of the beginning of the Slum Film Festival. A small crowd is already collection in front of the screen and wait impatient the beginning of the movie. At 19.30 pm the first film started. Five in total will be screened tonight, four of them from East Africa.   DSC06760.tiny

The twenty-two year old Peter Mbote is among the residents of this area present at the screening e He tells us your experience: “I live in Laini Saba Kibera e this initiative, to show movies near our homes, is fantastic.

I liked the film about contraceptives, above all because it is an important issue and current. Today, young people have increasingly frequent sexual relations. There was also a crime film, a real issue in Kibera. I would like and films like these were shown more often; entertain us and they are very informative. I will gladly participate also tomorrow, I hope to be able to see new films. "

The Slum Film Festival celebrates the stories of the slums. Stories that tell them and stories of directors who come from the slums. A Festival that has grown a lot over the years, establishing itself on the international scene as platform for the promotion of talented young artists from slums around the world.

World Friends is proud to be one of the main sponsors of this fantastic initiative for six years.

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