Jaquiline Agolla is a psychologist and part of the team working in the Kenya Comprehensive School Health Program in Kajiado County.

He has been collaborating with World Friends for three years, and this is his story:Health Program 1

“I feel privileged to be working on this project since its inception. I have seen him grow and I am happy to be part of it: this experience has also made me grow professionally!

In Kajiado we mainly deal with the Masai community, a community closely linked to its rich cultural heritage. I participated in campaigns against female genital mutilation, organized in close collaboration with local partners, and I am pleased to see the community very optimistic, open and willing to gradually adapt to new practices.

Working as a psychologist with the boys, I got to know many different stories. I particularly remember the case of a teenage girl involved in the clandestine sale of illegally brewed beer by her mother. The girl was very shaken by this whole affair, for her it was a real torture, and during one of our periodic meetings she opened up with me telling me everything. Fortunately, Ngong's social workers intervened and the girl was taken to a foster home. Now he is fine, he relates better to his classmates and his results at school have improved a lot.

It's safe now!

I'm really happy to work in such a diverse team that is committed to continuous improvement: it taught me the value of human relationships and that every human being is unique. But above all, I am happy to be part of the change that World Friends is bringing to the communities living in Kajiado County "

In her spare time Jacky (as her colleagues call her) enjoys making handicrafts, singing gospel music and traveling.

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