Il clubfoot It is a congenital condition (present at birth) in which the top of the foot is folded inward and upward, the surrounding tissue around the bone tends to be short, preventing the foot from stretching into a normal position. Clubfoot therefore provokes mobility problems for children born with this condition and in the absence of early intervention, it most likely is surgery required.

It is fascinating how medical-scientific research always finds room to progress, developing new methods that do not require intrusive treatments. The same goes for clubfoot. As noted by Dr. Antonio Melotto, clubfoot has always been treated through surgery. With the introduction of the Ponsetti method, a minimal surgical intervention is enough to resolve clubfoot, much less intrusive than before. The Ponsetti method, as described by Dr. Melotto, consists of the use of a long leg patch that manipulates the foot in the correct position. The foot is then placed in a brace to maintain the position. This method has been instrumental in the treatment of clubfoot, particularly in countries of the global South, where surgical interventions are not sufficiently available to everyone.

Dr. Antonio Melotto, is an orthopedic surgeon who conducted his first clubfoot surgery in 1994. Since then he has made six-monthly trips to Kenya, working with World Friends and the Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital to treat and prevent physical disabilities.

Clubfoot correction surgery is a delicate surgery due to the surrounding blood vessels. With the implementation of the Ponsetti method, this proves to be a much simpler treatment path, not only for the doctor but for the patients. "

However, as Dr. Melotto points out, an important role in foot correction is played from the family and by the patient himself, who must undertake to maintain the correct position of the foot. Without frequent checks, the foot can return to the wrong position.

What Dr. Melotto strives to do is to treat clubfoot as soon as possible. Therefore, antenatal care can prove to be vital for clubfoot treatment. This congenital condition can be detected within 4 months of pregnancy. Parents can not only be informed, but also understand and plan the course of treatment with professionals. With increased support globally, particularly in countries in the global South, clubfoot can be treated early, providing a better quality of life for people born with this debilitating condition.

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