Thanks to the support of, the web portal dedicated to the environment, sustainability and psychophysical well-being, with particular attention to activities and sports to be performed in the open air, World Friends? will be able to enhance his commitment to the project Slums Dunk, aimed at carrying out health and educational activities for the boys and girls who live in the slum of Mathare, on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya.

The Slums Dunk project uses the sport, specifically the basket (hence the pun derived from "slam dunk", "squash" in English), as a means of promoting primary education within 10 schools of the slum, addressing the problem of low education, insufficiency sports facilities and children's exposure to a multitude of risks.

La IdeeGreen Srl, Certified Benefit Corporation and company owner of, will offer financial support for the mobile clinic service.

These are “monthly missions” of a polyvalent team of Neema Hospital for completely free visits to the slums made up of doctors, medical assistants, nurses, pharmacists and 1 administrative operator in charge of patient registration.

The services offered include medical visits and consultations, free distribution of drugs, information for the prevention of the most common diseases, information on the services of the Neema Hospital to make the services of the World Friends multipurpose center known to the poorest sections of the population.

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