How RU Neema Hospital changed my life forever

Wilfred Khatela Mutuba is one of the patient beneficiaries of RU Neema Hospital who wanted to tell his experience inside the hospital in Nairobi, on the occasion of the celebratory day organized on 7 December to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the hospital's birth. This is his story, a story with a happy ending, made of hope and great courage.

Hi, my name is Wilfred Khatela Mutuba, I come from Huruma, more precisely from Madoya (a slum located in the north-east of Nairobi) and today I'm here to tell you my story.

The only thing I remember when I woke up was the feeling of having difficulty moving my legs and standing up - it took me almost forty minutes before I was able to get out of bed. I was disabled. Every day I tried to stay focused on my daily activities and tried not to consider other people's laughter and looks. Although I was happy, I was not proud of myself.

I couldn't walk or play football, standing was a problem. Sometimes, when I went to school, the children I met on the street laughed at me; some of them instead understood my situation and reassured me that what had happened was not my fault.

One day God, on my way home, made me meet a good person, who helped me by advising me to go to the Baraka clinic in the Mathare slum, where they could help me. That afternoon, I was looking forward to returning home to share the good news with my father.

The next day my father and I went to the Baraka clinic, where I was given a letter of reference to check the RU Neema Hospital. Here I was immediately made a specialist visit and fixed a corrective surgery operation. The news of the operation frightened me a lot at first, but inside I felt a strong desire to see my life changed for the better. After the operation I endured the pain with great courage, driven by the hope that soon I would be able to walk: I can't even explain in words how great was the happiness I felt in my heart after going through the first operation.

Later the doctors told me that I would have to undergo a second operation. This time I didn't hesitate: I was much stronger and braver than before, especially because the first operation went very well. Furthermore, the hospital staff continued to encourage my progress. For the first time in my life I couldn't hold back my great joy.

Now I am healed and all the pains that used to plague me have disappeared. Now I can run, walk and play football. I didn't have to pay a single coin to get to where I am today. I will cherish the UK forever

Neema Hospital in my heart, for being able to give me a new life.

To Dr. Mzungu who operated on me and to the entire staff I want to say that you have been more than kind, loving and caring. And for this I will always be grateful to you.


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