On June 3 we played a tuberculosis screening day for the project HIPS-TB. The session involved the partner clinic Mwangaza Ulio na Tumaini Center, where the staff of World Friends and the clinic have submitted patients to free diagnoses. The staff used the innovative system Paper-EMR which allows you to identify the symptoms of tuberculosis in a list to be ticked on a dedicated paper model, subsequently digitizing the information collected.

The HIPS-TB project is co-funded by AICS - Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development through the Global Fund.

With the HIPS-TB project we aim to raise awareness among people at risk, to facilitate the detection, diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis cases through a collaboration between private health facilities and the public sector. Our trained healthcare staff is in charge of screening patients, collecting saliva samples, digitizing data and issuing vouchers to subjects with suspicious symptoms for diagnostic tests at the laboratories of Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital or Mathare North Health Center. The samples are subsequently collected and transported with a motorized system capable of reaching even the most remote areas of the slums. GeneXpert diagnostic tests are carried out in the reference facilities. If the collected samples are positive, the patient will be referred to one of the treatment facilities and enrolled in a tuberculosis clinic.

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