The Feeding Program is the feeding program in schools carried out by World Friends which starts from the assumption that a healthy meal at school increases attention in the classroom and regular attendance of pupils, along with their overall well-being and motivation.

For this reason, World Friends held a meeting in Ngong's office last month with the Nendoruko School Board of Directors, within the Endoruko community, to inform them about the possibility of undertaking a Feeding Program in their school. They welcomed our proposal extremely positively and informed us that there were currently 95 pupils, with a high probability of increasing.

After a few days, World Friends staff delivered the first food supply to the school, consisting of: 140 kg of beans; 200 kg of rice; 12 liters of cooking oil; 2 kg of salt

World Friends staff returned to the Endoruko community, which responded positively to the project, carrying out an exercise to assess the progress of the program. It was significant to realize that the community greatly appreciated the initiative and that the school benefited from it right away, there was in fact an immediate increase in the number of pupils attending the school.

A second full supply of food will eventually be delivered in the next few days and then will begin to be delivered every month, on a regular basis, the second week of each month.

Thanks to the nutrition program, supported by @professionalsecrets, students at Nenkororoi primary school in Nairobi can now access a healthy diet on a daily basis.

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