On February 27th we organized the event "Break the silence, shine the light on Sickle Cell Disease", or "Break the silence and highlight Sickle Cell Anemia". The event was part of our project Sickle Cell Anemia: a Pediatric-Hematological Outpatient Clinic for the Nairobi Slums, realized thanks toEight per Thousand of the Waldensian Church and in collaboration with Children Sickle Cell Foundation. With this intervention we offer quality outpatient services for the fight against sickle cell anemia. We also train health personnel to enhance the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of the disease. We thought the event mainly for people suffering from sickle cell anemia and their families.

In the course of the event we have achieved 83 people between men, women and children. Each of them was able to participate in an awareness raising and health education meeting on sickle cell anemia. We also played free tests, including the Hemex test and hemoglobin electrophoresis. All participants received flyers with information on the disease.

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