Il Dr. Paolo Leoncini, head of the health projects of World Friends in Turin, continues to update us on the situation relating to the activity of clinics in via Nizza and via Saccarelli for the homeless:

“Personal services, including breakfast, listening and clothing, are continuing regularly in the two clinics. As for the provision of health services, in conjunction with doctors and health professionals of World Friends? e CCM - Medical Collaboration Committee, it was decided to continue with the suspension of the service. At the moment we would not be able to offer assistance and an adequate triage service and above all compatible with those available in front of the emergency room. Currently the triage tents, managed by the Red Cross and the Civil Protection, have indications and concrete guidelines for the management of possible Coronavirus cases.

We are also trying to coordinate with other homeless services in the absence of general coordination. For this reason, considering the medical-clinical precautionary principle, we believe that keeping the service suspended is the most appropriate decision. "

The reaction of the beneficiaries

coronavirus 2When asked what the beneficiaries' reaction to the emergency had been, Dr. Leoncini replied as follows:

"Despite the alarming situation, the reaction of the beneficiaries was positive. During the first educational meeting held in via Nizza, our beneficiaries were particularly attentive and present. If by chance they come into contact with the virus, further serious complications would arise in their case, not having a home available. The dormitories, despite having large dimensions, put them in a position to have to find many in the single rooms. Consequently the limit of two meters of distance between one person and another is not guaranteed.

I can say that the subsequent meeting in via Saccarelli was also positive, even though we were confronted with some people skeptical of the existence and risk due to the spread of the virus. Information and education, however, are of fundamental importance at this time. At a time when little is known about how to fight the virus, even people with a home or who can go to a general practitioner can encounter considerable difficulties, even more so the homeless are affected.

Right now the only concrete foothold for these people are the Red Cross and Civil Protection tents in front of the hospitals, able to screen for the presence of Coronavirus. This is the reason for the suspension of the medical activity in our clinics: this is not the time to overlap with better trained and coordinated health personnel to face a possible crisis.

The activities in via Nizza and via Saccarelli are mainly of support, education and delivery of food packages. We try to limit the coexistence of many people in the same place, the only way to keep any passages of infection under control. "

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