scn_tondoAre you aged between 18 and 28? Do you want to live an experience of active, exciting and formative citizenship?

Join the Civil service with us!

An important opportunity to actively engage in defense of a solidarity cause.

Who can participate? 

The basic requirements to participate in the selections are:

  • have completed the eighteenth and not exceeded the twenty-eighth year of age (28 years and 364 days) on the date of submitting your application
  • be citizens of the European Union or non-EU citizens legally residing;
  • not having received even non-definitive convictions;
  • not having already performed civil service as volunteers pursuant to law no. 64 of 2001, or not having interrupted the service before the scheduled deadline;
  • not having current employment or paid collaboration relationships with the body carrying out the project, or not having had such relationships in the previous year lasting more than three months.


At the moment there are no active calls but, for updates, keep an eye on this page.