Chrispine Okello is on the World Friends team ed he is field coordinator for the Health Education Program. He is one of the longest-serving employees, working with World Friends in the slums for ten years. Its history makes you think, let's find out together: SONY DSC

"Working with communities living in slums has exposed me to so much ... made me understand the value of my work. It is an experience that has enriched me enormously. If you work with passion people appreciate what you do, it was my experience working alongside the most vulnerable communities that taught me and I am so honored every time a child comes to me to tell me, with a big smile, which are their reference model. Episodes like these they push me to be a better person, because I know that many young people emulate what they see me do.

Over the years I have grown a lot, even professionally. I remember when I started working with World Friends, I entered by taking part in the training for the Behavior Change Process. I learned so much about myself and this has guided me in everything I have done professionally and on a personal level.

What I love most about my job is the satisfaction I experience in serving humanity. This sense of accomplishment is greater than any amount of money, prestige or power a person can possess! Working with vulnerable children who are very eager to experience life is something I really care about, in fact when the time comes to leave World Friends I will continue to play the role of life skills coach as a volunteer in the slums. This is how I intend to repay these communities that have affected my life so much.

In the years of my youth it was not thereno life skills session o someone who motivated us by teaching us to see the positive in us and showing us alternatives. If you didn't have solid support at home, you didn't have anyone to teach you the importance of self-awareness, creativity, decision-making power and everything related to Life Skills that will shape your life. The children I follow today are very lucky, we are always there ready to guide them and to help them discover and bring out their potential, to make them stronger. I am honored to be part of this system that can support them.

Children they are innocent beings and they they believe what they are told. therefore be genuine, always reflect and inform yourself about what you will tell him. It is difficult to change a wrong attitude once adopted, we should rather teach them a positive attitude from the very first years of life. Remember that children are the reflection of the community. Loro they are the future and we adults have the responsibility to guarantee them a better and brighter perspective ”.

During his free time Chris enjoys singing, meeting new people and traveling.

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