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Do you want more information or have you already decided to order our colorful solidarity favors? Write to us at or call 0683081500

A celebration, a gift, a memory. But above all a great gesture of solidarity!

Share with the people close to you the joy of a special event or a goal achieved and color it with gods little pieces of Africa. Our favors are always available: for your wedding, a baptism or a communion, but also for a graduation or any other special occasion to celebrate with those you love!

Choose from cute miniatures of savannah animals, decorated saucers and cotton candy bags with a thousand patterns. Our favors are all made by hand by artisans from the slums of Nairobi.

You can order the favors directly on our site, by writing to us or by calling us at the number 06 830 81 500

The making and packaging of wedding favors takes approximately two weeks. We deliver the favors by courier and there is no minimum quantity for the purchase. Donations can be made through Bank transfer, checking account postal or PayPal. Remember that all donations to World Friends are fiscally deductible or deductible according to the limits of the law.

Consider the minimum donation as a starting point, with which we can cover all out-of-pocket costs. You are free to add as much as you like to the minimum donation and increase it the impact of your gesture. The donations will be used to finance the our projects in Nairobi to guarantee the right to health for those who cannot afford treatment.

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