- The Table proposed by AOI is born -
linkWe are pleased to announce the official birth of the Table on the use of images in communication and fundraising campaigns, an important opportunity for the production of shared lines on a very delicate and controversial theme such as that of images in social communication.
The promoters - AIAP, AOI (with the member federations Cipsi, Cocis and Focsiv), Assif, CINI, EUConsult Italia, Italian Institute of Donation, Link2007, Unicom - they met to build a work calendar, share methodologies and strategies, identify ways of involving other subjects interested in the path.
The main objective is the creation of a shared document that holds together all the different sensitivities and the proposals that will be advanced, giving a decisive shock to the way of 'communicating'. It starts from the work carried out in the past and from the numerous existing documents on the subject, with a look at the European paths already started some time ago (see the Dochas Code of Conduct) but, at the same time, we will try to take it one step further. 
The results will, in fact, be presented to the IAP, Institute of Advertising Self-discipline, to integrate the Commercial Communication Code, thus making it a point of reference for both commercial and social communication. Vincenzo Guggino, general secretary of the IAP, who spoke during the workshop When images are good for the wallet but not for the organization, promoted in Milan by ASSIF as the first public meeting of this path, expressed the interest and appreciation of the Institute for this initiative saying that he was "very happy to listen and accept the proposals coming from the non-profit"
Short times and a lean agenda are the watchwords underlined several times. The goal is to have the first results immediately after the summer break. Some meetings are already planned with other associations, both from the third sector and voluntary sector, and from communication and fundraising, to share the objectives and contents of the path undertaken.
Changing communication is a first fundamental step towards changing relationships of help and cooperation.



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