A Medical Camp in Torosei, one of the most remote and least served areas of Kajiado County. Those who live in this area of ​​the country face particular problems every day given the difficult context: poverty is one of the biggest problems facing the local population, in particular food poverty, with consequent high levels of malnutrition and nutritional deficiencies, especially between women and children.

The Medical Camp which was held was aimed at delivering food ready for therapeutic, complementary and deworming use to children and women who needed it.

Thanks to the work of Grace and James, our community volunteers, who inform and mobilize the community by inviting members to Medical Camps, many people arrived, for a total of fifty-nine people, including children between six months and five years and pregnant and breastfeeding women. In addition to therapeutic food delivery, they were all educated on disease prevention and control, the importance of nutritional screening such as MUAC (upper arm circumference) and on the possibility of having to manage acute malnutrition in children.


The Medical Camps held by World Friends once every two weeks also carry essential health services and act as a link between remote areas and top-level health facilities.king. This in turn helps reduce the number of maternal and infant mortality and improves maternal and child health in Kajiado County, according to the Millennium Development Goals.