Activities in Italy

Conditions of social distress, denied rights and difficulties in accessing healthcare services do not take place only in the context of developing countries. Even in Italy, despite the existence of a National Healthcare Service, the most vulnerable people can be deprived of basic goods and services. For this reason we are active with health education projects and provision of healthcare services, aimed especially at the homeless population of the city of Turin. Thanks to the help of World Friends volunteer doctors and healthcare workers in Turin, we offer medical care, sanitation and promote the reintegration of the homeless and other vulnerable groups into the network of the National Healthcare System.

In addition to project activities in defense of the Right to Health, in Italy we carry out constant training, awareness-raising and promotion of international solidarity thanks to the support of regional offices and volunteers. With these initiatives we want to consolidate a bridge between the global South and North, between Kenya and Italy, promoting charity actions and behaviors, especially among young people. In particular, we carry out Development Education activities in schools and universities and organize training courses for young doctors and future professionals interested in the world of international cooperation.

Our projects

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clinic via nice

Via Nizza outpatient clinic

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Health project in response to COVID-19

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The Feminine of Equal

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Global Health Course

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