For the Right to Health in the peripheries of the world

Donate your 5xmille

For the right to health in the peripheries of the world

By allocating your 5xmille to World Friends you will allow us to continue working to improve the living, health and professional conditions of the most difficult populations in the North and South of the world.

In Kenya we protect maternal and child health, we work for the prevention of disabilities, we promote health education and professional training. In Italy we support homeless people in Turin, offering care and promoting their reintegration into the National Health System. For 20 years we have been carrying out cooperation projects to promote the autonomy of the communities we work with.

How to do? It really is that simple

In your next tax return:

Put your signature in the first sector above called: "Support for volunteering ..."


Enter the tax code by WORLD FRIENDS:
972 565 405 80

*Anche chi non compila la dichiarazione dei redditi, ovvero chi ha solo il modello CU fornitogli dal datore di lavoro o dall’ente erogatore della pensione, può destinare il 5×1000.


Watch the video of our staff in Nairobi and find out what your signature can do: 


This is a fiscal subsidiarity measure introduced for the first time in the 2006 Finance Law. Citizens can donate 5 × 1000 of their personal income tax to support organizations that carry out socially relevant activities, such as voluntary associations and other non-profit organizations. social, scientific, university and health research bodies, etc.

Nothing, donating the 5 × 1000 has no cost because it is a share of the taxes you already pay. To donate it, just fill in and sign the form for the destination.

If you do not choose who to allocate your 5 × 1000 to, this is still taken by the State which will include it in its budget.

Sure! 5 × 1000 and 8 × 1000 are two very different and separate things. The 5 × 1000 benefits entities that promote solidarity activities, while the 8 × 1000 is intended for religious denominations.

Yes. Even those who compile only the CUD model can allocate the 5 × 1000 to World Friends. Request the supplementary form for the 5xmille contained in the CU from your employer, insert it in a sealed envelope and write on the envelope "CHOICE FOR THE DESTINATION FIVE PER MILLE DELL'IRPEF" with indication of the surname, name and tax code of the taxpayer. Deliver it free of charge to post offices, bank branches or an intermediary authorized for electronic transmission (CAF, accountant…).

No, only the Revenue Agency has the authorization to access the sensitive data of taxpayers.

The Revenue Agency requires communication of data relating to deductible / deductible donations from individuals. We are therefore starting to gradually communicate the data of some of our supporters to the Revenue Agency. You can read the information clicking here.

For any other questions write to or call 06 83081500

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